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Leading the industry for traceability

Photographic Weighbridge Tickets

2 Recycling has been servicing UK manufacturing and engineering companies since 2007, and increasingly companies are looking to ensure mistakes are not made when your scrap metal is graded. What better way to make sure no mistakes have been made than to receive a photograph of your scrap as it is being weighed, printed directly onto the weighbridge ticket.

We are perhaps the only UK Scrap Metal company to offer this service to our customers for every bin we weigh. You can see the actual scrap and also the weight clearly displayed. This removes any doubt as to what was in the bin you have just sent us, and also shows clearly the weight of the scrap in the bin. 2 Recycling Ltd again lead the way, demonstrating we are clearly ‘Scrap metal at its most professional’.

Photographic Weighbridge Ticket