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When you have some scrap metal which cannot ever come back onto the market as a usable item we offer an extra service which destroys the item and makes sure it can never be used again.

Witnessed Destruction

2 Recycling Example Cert of Dest. 2017.pdf

For high security items we can arrange for you to watch as the base metal (subject to conditions) as it goes into the furnace and is melted, or even crushed in our new baling press so it can never be used again.

A complete trail for destroying your scrap


All items for destruction are witnessed by our own CCTV system, images from which we can e-mail to you as further proof of the destruction process

Certificate of Destruction

Once the process is complete we issue a Certificate of Destruction for you to keep. This guarantees that the item has been destroyed and cannot ever be re-used in its original from