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Accurate sorting of your scrap

Metal Sorting & Grading

Precise metal sorting is difficult to achieve without the correct equipment. At 2 Recycling we do not rely on old fashioned methods and instead prefer using the latest X-ray spectrometers to grade all of our metals. With so many new alloys being invented it is more important than ever to know the precise make up of the alloy we are buying from our customers. By knowing this information we can then select the best end user outlet for the particular grade we have, allowing us to pass on better prices.

Mobile metal testing service is an extra part of the service we offer our customers. If you have some surplus stock in your warehouse and you do not know which grade of metal it is, why not  ask us to come and check it with one of our Niton guns.

Niton XRF

Fast, accurate scrap metal sorting is fundamental to any scrap metal recycling operation. And with volatile commodity prices, this need has never been more important. Advances in scrap sorting technology, pioneered by Thermo Scientific Niton handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, have revolutionized the way that major scrap metal recyclers and processors conduct their business. In fact, 95% of the world's largest metals recyclers use Thermo Scientific Niton XRF

Sorting Reports

Our sorting reports are not just for internal use. We can supply all of our customers copies of the sorting sheet so you can see very clearly what we have found.

Material Valuation Sheet

Material Verification Sheet not only lists all of the items we have collected, the weight of each item, its value and of course the applicable European Waste Code, it shows you the grades of the metals we have collected from you

Example Sorting Report.pdf Example Material Valuation Sheet.pdf