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24/7 onsite recording

CCTV Monitoring

Security of your scrap metal is very important to us. We track our vehicles, the bin numbers and also we monitor very closely what happens to your scrap once it arrives back at our central warehouse for sorting and grading.

24 hour CCTV recording which is also accessed for offsite monitoring helps us to guarantee that your scrap is safe and secure at all times.

Tracking Bin numbers through our CCTV system every time we weigh one of your bins full of scrap. With our two camera system on the weighbrisdge you can be assured that we always have a record of what we have weighed further proving our 100% accurate weighing systems.

Photographic weighbridge tickets. We have further added to our CCTV system with new HD digital camera technology to bring you a photograph of your scrap on every weighbridge ticket.

The CCTV system is an integral part of our traceability that we give to all of our customers. It starts with the collection request for and is backed up with photographic evidence of your scrap metal as it is being weighed. Our system gives you peace of mind that we have not weighed the scrap incorrectly or graded it incorrectly. The evidence is there for you to see as you automatically receive a copy of every weighbridge ticket with the Material Valuation Sheet we send you.

We believe we are the leaders in the UK, ask you current scrap metal merchant if they can offer you the same service.  

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