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BLOODHOUND SSC made its first public runs at Newquay on 26th October 2017. As SME Sponsors 2 Recycling Ltd were there to witness the car hitting a peak speed of 210mph in front of 3500 invited guests.

Supporting British Manufacturing & Engineering - 2 Recycling Ltd are SME Sponsors

BLOODHOUND SSC on full reheat just about to blast up the runway.

BLOODHOUND SSC after a successful run

The car made two runs along the 9,000ft (2.7km) runway, accelerating at a rate of 1.5G and reaching 210mph from a standing start in just 8 seconds.

For these runs, power was provided by a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, normally found in a Eurofighter Typhoon. This produced a peak thrust of 20,000lbs (90 kilonewtons), equivalent to 54,000 thrust horsepower, or the combined output of 360 family cars.

On completing the test, Andy Green added: “The design and engineering team has done an incredible job with BLOODHOUND SSC. There is development work still to do, of course, but straight out of the box it feels responsive, stable and, above all, tremendously fast.

“Although 210mph is far below the Car’s ultimate target of 1,000mph, today was a proper workout for the vehicle. The Car is designed for high speed on a desert rather than sprint performance off the line, but it still accelerated from zero to 210mph in less than 8 seconds. It’s also notable for being the longest period that we’ve run the Car for, at around 21.5 minutes – and remember it’s designed to run for just 2 minutes at a time in the desert.”

Next year, BLOODHOUND SSC will be run at even higher speeds. “This is as fast as we can run the Car in the UK,” confirmed Chapman. “We will run it faster next year. The rocket won’t be in the Car then, but those runs will be to develop the Car further in conjunction with developing the rocket programme.”